Railfanning With The Bednars Volume 6

Railfanning With The Bednars Volume 6


In volume 6 of Railfanning with the Bednars, we’ll join the Bednar gang as they railfan the beginning of Conrail from April to November of 1976.

The startup of Conrail came with many changes and challenges, but despite this, the crews somehow managed to keep the freight moving.

The change of operations made for an interesting and exciting time on the former northeast railroads.

A wide mix of power from all the railroads as well as loaned foreign power began appearing on run through freights in the Allentown and Bethlehem areas.

Although they focused primarily on the operations in the Lehigh Valley area, the gang made trips to the Harrisburg and Horse Shoe Curve areas to catch the variety of power and non stop trains in those locations.

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