Railfanning the Delaware & Hudson Volume 1

Railfanning the Delaware & Hudson Volume 1


With the fall of the major anthracite roads and their inclusion into Conrail in 1976, railfans began to focus their attention on capturing the operations of the Delaware & Hudson, as many believed the D&H’s future as an independent company was becoming increasingly uncertain.

The events that followed the acquisition of the D&H by Guilford Transportation just a few years after these films were taken would result in the demise of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad as many once knew it.

In Volume 1, we join Paul Cooledge and friends as they railfan the Delaware & Hudson on the Susquehanna and Penn divisions and on the Conrail Southern Tier Line from March 1979 to October 1981.

Locations include Binghamton to Mechanicville Yard on the Susquehanna division, Nineveh to Ararat including footage of detours over Jefferson Junction at Lanesboro on the Penn division and Binghamton to as far west as Portage, NY on the Conrail Southern Tier Line. Highlights include interchange with the Boston & Maine at Mechanicville Yard, NY; Starucca Viaduct; Starucca Creek Trestle; Harpursville trestle and more.

Commentary and original sound film by Paul Cooledge

Color, approximately 72 minutes run time

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