Our Policies



US SHIPPING RATES (USPS domestic mail within the contiguous 48 states)

1 DVD    $5.50
2 DVDs    $6.25
3 DVDs    $7.00
4 DVDs    $7.75
5 DVDs    $8.50
6 DVDs    $9.25
7 DVDs    $10.00
8 DVDs    $10.75
9 DVDs    $11.50
10 DVDs    $12.25
11 DVDs    $13.00
12 DVDs    $13.75
13 DVDs    $14.50
14 DVDs    $15.25
15 DVDs    $16.00
Over 15 DVDs - Please Call


First DVD $14.50, each additional DVD $1.50 each


First DVD $17.00, each additional DVD $3.00 each

You may place your order by Postal Mail, Email or through our Online DVD Store.

NOTE: All DVDs are authored to DVD-R discs. Please check your player’s manual for compatibility.

REFUNDS / RETURNS: We will gladly exchange defective DVDs with another of the same title only. Please contact us for details. We do not offer refunds. All sales are final.

We do NOT take PREORDERS for future releases. All new releases will be announced as soon as they are available.

PAYMENTS:   We accept Paypal, check, money order or cash (cash for in person sales only). Payments should be made payable to John Pechulis Media