Railfanning The Upper Great Lakes Volume 1

Railfanning The Upper Great Lakes Volume 1


In June 1982, Ken Bealer and friends flew into Minneapolis and then drove up to Duluth, MN for a few days and chased a DMIR train to Dock-#5 and back to Proctor.

They then chased a northbound from Proctor to and back from the Fairlane Pellet plant. Then over to Escanaba, MI where they chased a Escanaba-Green Bay ore train behind high-hood C&NW C628's.

At Green Bay, WI, they spent 4 days chasing the all-ALCO road, boat train and road jobs between Green Bay and Winona, WI. The trip ends south of St. Paul shooting BN/MILW freights on the mainline.

Subtitled only, no narration or background music

Color, approximate running time: 66 minutes.

Digitized from super 8mm sound film

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