John Pechulis has worked in the Audio/Video business since 1995. In 2001, he took a personal interest in working with film and film transfers after coming into possession of a collection of home movies that featured his late mother and grandfather.


In an effort to obtain high quality film transfers to share with his family at a reasonable cost, John devoted many years to experimenting, researching and developing new methods and equipment to achieve transfers of broadcast quality. In 2005, through online sources, John was introduced to three individuals from around the world who were instrumental in developing the current digital transfer system in use:

Fred Van De Putte from Belgium developed the streamline software process to maximize the film image in post.

Frank Vine from London, England developed and engineered the electronics and capture software
Both Frank and Fred also collaborated on the mechanical design of the film transport.

Christophe Manz from Germany, provided photographic and optical expertise, research and development and also provided the online resource for collaboration.

This process had traditionally been very expensive and was not readily available to the general public.

John began transferring railroad films in 2004 after meeting a retired railroad worker. Four years later, he was introduced to the Bednar family and began transferring their film collection. In 2009 he met Bill McLane and began the process of transferring his collection to DVD. Today these rare collections of classic railroading are prominently featured in the JPM catalog

John Pechulis Media’s reputation for care and fine craftsmanship has motivated a growing number of individuals and organizations to preserve and share their rare and treasured film footage in broadcast quality. To discuss your project, please write to