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Customer Testimonials

“The quality from 8mm to DVD is incredible”

 “Having shot quite a bit of Super 8mm film back in the late 60s and early 70s, the thing that probably amazes me most about John's DVDs (besides the subject matter and the fact that he got Bill to do conversational-type narration of the film, which is really the "icing on the cake") is that I absolutely can't make myself believe that I'm looking at 8mm's so good, it looks more like well-done 16mm stuff.  (I've seen 16mm converted stuff that doesn't look anywhere near as good as John's work on these!)”

 “I recently joined a railroad modeling club in Skaneateles and have heard nothing but rave reviews about this DVD from the members there”

 “Thanks for the prompt fulfillment. I hope to watch them over the weekend. From your catalogue I expect to order more soon”

 “Got the DVD today and watched it. Personally I'm glad you did this DVD. I rode all the rambles to West Milton but was too young to have a camera or afford film. I grew up in Tamaqua and relish those scenes as well as the other upstate views. Thanks”

 “John, I received my DVD Saturday. The footage is awesome and the quality is so good for the age”

 “Excellent work on these latest videos. I cannot stress how valuable it is to hear these guys telling the stories in their own words to accompany the footage. Most RR videos, even with good visual quality, are usually very static and any questions you may have while viewing them go unanswered. Hearing these guys muse about the goings-on in the video is as valuable as the footage itself.  The plow scenes are great, love to see them pushing snow. The conditions of the branches are a trip.

I like Mike's referral to "well maintained track" and "Rubber rail patented by the LV and CNJ."

The human element, in showing the men as well as hearing their names really lend a great human-interest aspect to the viewing; it's as appreciated as what Mike has tried to do in his books: show the human side of the job. if nothing else, it should remind people to get the stories from these guys while they can still be heard.

In preserving this record you have done railroad enthusiasts and historians, as well as the people who lived it, a great service. I hope to see your continued work, please keep me posted in detail about the upcoming releases you have in store. For me, you can pretty much cap my interest from the early 60's, up until the end of the caboose in the mid-80's. Anything from the northeast in this era is of interest to me, so let me know what you have coming up.

Again, my thanks to you, Bill and Mike for bringing this to people like me. I'm glad I found out about you and your work.”


I normally don't care for railroad videos but this one opens up a whole new genre! It's like being there, a railroader’s video not a "railfan" video. Great job and how did you get that quality?”

 “Hi John, I got them over the weekend. I'm at a loss of words over these, my wife says these are the holy grail of railroad videos for me, and I agree. My parents grew up in Auburn and rode the trains everywhere back in the 30's til they discontinued passenger service on each line. I grew up here too and knew just about every inch of rail shown in NY State :) memories flashed back, thank you and especially Bill so much. I also got interested in the end of Vol 2 showing the connection in Weedsport. You have a buyer here. Thanks again.”

John Pechulis Media offers not only vintage railroad productions, but also digital film transfer services.  Whether it be an individual's family home movies, for presentations by historical societies or for any company wishing to utilize digitized film footage in their own productions, we look forward to working with you.  Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your project.

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